Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Database Administrator

What they do:
Organize and manage data, install software,update software, and troubleshoot when problems arise.The Database Administrator is also know as DBAs

What's future of this career:
As businesses accumulate more and more data, DBAs are in demand everywhere. If you are looking for a stable career, which gives you decent salary, database administration is the way to go, This job gives you the satisfaction of solving problems and seeing how your work benefits your firm.

What's Challenge :
For any business , data is the most important component and DBA is the custodian for the data. So when any issues to access the data occurs , DBA is being called,even during night time.Also  the technology  related with databases  changes rapidly.So  DBAs typically need to master new features every six to nine months.

In Database career certification isn't mandatory -- classes alone may be enough --. But certifications related with Databases  can help you to get  job.  We recommend certifying in  Oracle , DB2 ,SQL Server database management systems.

How to prepare Yourself:
We recommend you to take the DBA training from expert DBAs with enough industry experience. Of course , there are lot of information is available via books and internet. But none of these cannot be a substitute for an experienced trainer.

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